Tips for a Nice Beard

In the old days the beard was a symbol of power. Many women find a beard very masculine. Not every man is lucky without having to bother to get hold of a beautiful bunch of hair on their faces. Beard Growth Spray – The Secret to Growing a Beard

Nutrition and rest

First of all: avoid stress. Stress is known to care for hair loss. This is of course the very last thing you want if you grow a beard. It is important to have peace. Sufficient sleep is a must! Also try to get enough protein. Proteins are in dairy, fish, legumes, nuts and chicken. Take good care of your body and your body will take good care of you!

Bald spots

It is possible that you, like many other men, have to deal with uneven hair growth. It is naturally unkempt when there are holes in your beard. Fortunately, there are special hair sprays that ensure that bald spots are filled. No money for special sprays? Try the mascara of your girlfriend / wife (also useful to hide bald spots on the head).

The most important thing is to have patience. Do not expect to have a nice full-grown beard within one day. No patience? At the dress-up shop, there are probably beautiful fake beards for sale! 😉


Beard growth

Many men have a beard. Not only because it is hip now, but also because they just like it or if they want to hide a scar, for example. But did you know that your beard can also tell you all about your health?

Thinning hair
When the hair of your beard thins, it may be because you get too few calories. For example, if your body lacks protein (which is necessary to repair tissue), these proteins are extracted from your hair, where they are less needed. If you have iron deficiency, you can also drop her out.

Thicker hair
If you have a thick beard, this indicates that you are more sensitive to testosterone. Testosterone ensures that soft hairs on your body turn into thicker, bushy hair like in puberty.

Dry and brittle
If the hair of your beard is dry, it was probably too often or in the wrong way. Even if the hair of your face is different in structure than that on your head, it is important that you take care of it. Use shampoo instead of soap, and use conditioner if necessary.

If you have flakes in your beard, this is probably a form of rose. If you use a mild anti-dandruff shampoo, you are probably away from it.

Can you not possibly grow a beard, but are you otherwise healthy? Then this probably has to do with your genes. Unfortunately, you can not do much about this, but a positive side to this is that men with little facial hair often become bald less quickly.