Tips for growing your hair

Many women dream of a bunch of long, thick and seductive hair. Unfortunately, it does not grow as quickly as you would like and it does not all happen by itself. A common mistake, for example, is the use of extensions. This gives you a nice thick bunch of hair, but as soon as the extensions are removed, only a sad pile of damaged hair remains. With these 10 tips you let your hair grow in a healthy way.

Avoid harmful products
Avoid hairspray, curling irons, mouse, gel, wax, hairdryers, straighteners and hair dye as much as you can. These products are harmful to your hair. Preferably use nourishing shampoos, conditioners and hair masks.

Do not wash your hair too often
It is getting used to many ladies, but it is better for your hair if you wash it at most once or twice a week. This is also the secret of Kim Kardashian. By washing you wash out the natural oils that stimulate hair growth. If you do wash your hair, rinse it with cold water. This will also be a swallow for many people, but avoid heat as much as possible.

Be careful if you wear your hair
If you wear a tail or knot, fix your hair with a clamp or an elastic without an iron. This is to prevent damage. Do not tighten your hair too tight either, because this can break down the hair roots and make your hair thinner.

Massage your scalp regularly
It is good for hair growth if your scalp is massaged regularly. This increases blood circulation and ensures that the hair follicles are stimulated.

Go to the hairdresser regularly
Every 6 to 12 weeks, pay a visit to the hairdresser to trim the dots. This prevents split and broken ends. If your hair is cut regularly, it stays healthy and grows easier.

Use castor oil
Castor oil is extracted from the ‘wonder tree’ and is used to grow eyelashes and eyebrows. Apply a bit of castor oil to your hair tips before you go to sleep and it will grow faster.

Avoid brushing and combing
Brush or comb your hair as little as possible. If you have thick hair, this is in any case a bad option because your hair will then become too tangled. In that case, buy a wooden comb whose teeth are as far apart as possible.

Eat protein
Eat products that contain a lot of protein, such as fish, fruit, vegetables and eggs. You can also knock the protein out of an egg and apply it in your hair. This hydrates and makes your hair grow. Do not forget to rinse well after 15 minutes.

Protect your hair
Wear a cap or hat to protect your hair from the sun. Knot a silk scarf around your hair to prevent dead and split ends.

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